Our company offers a wide range of services to take care of all your quality control needs. Some of our services which would prove of immense value to you include;

Document Control Management

In other to reduce the risk of loss and increasing efficiency, companies are investing in a one-stop document control system as the only resource for all document processes. Our document control program offers a system that integrates with your previous solution which conveniently enables you to have access to your processes, and flow chart while at the same time preventing you from losing quality in the form of multiple sources.

We eliminate document redundancy and mitigate the risk of producing goods with outdated operating procedures. Your documents are more professionally organized and this relaxes the responsibility of compliance with regulatory bodies.

Supplier Management Control

A lot of manufactures have no choice but to place their trust on more than a hundred or sometimes even a thousand companies to deliver the correct raw materials on time to reduce redundancy on inventory and increase efficiency in production. However these more often than not come with problems. More regulatory agencies are placing the burden on organizations to show more accountability especially with regards to supplier quality and other IS standards. This is sometimes very difficult for companies to manage.

We have a supplier management system that allows for greater responsibility and accountability throughout the supply value line. Non-performance or poor delivery by suppliers can be promptly investigated and suppliers carry the burden for their responsibilities by creating a system of checks which the work flow in real time and on a centralized system to create more transparency in the system. This goes a long way in bringing down operational overhead and reduces the time factor to getting some of these processes accomplished.

Training Management

A training management protocol ensures employees take control of their own learning process and this improves the employee learning process. Employees are able to monitor their progress and look at areas where they need to improve in order to efficiently carry out their tasks within the company. Managers benefit from a well trained workforce that has the capacity to perform their jobs excellently.

This also helps them apportion tasks and improve overall productivity while increasing the level of accountability in the workplace. This is very crucial in the organization because human error is often the reason why companies go down or suffer severe penalties by regulatory bodies in the industry.

Change control systems

This is a system which allows for all documented updates to be efficiently managed across the various departments and units in the organization. This enables users not to introduce changes that end up spoiling or destroying the laid down procedural operations which may end up slowing productivity or costing the company money to restore.

Putting down an investment in this system helps the organization in the long-term because they would maintain set benchmarks at every stage of the supply chain without affecting compliance. We boast some of the most efficient change control systems in the industry.

Audit Compliance

In this modern Era, companies must be able to show strict compliance with regulatory authorities. It is quite sad to see companies with archaic paper based systems. This mundane system is not only time wasting, but is more susceptible to errors, creating compliance problems for the company. This is where we come in, giving you accurate and authoritative audits that keep your business in line with regulations.